Our goal is to listen to each piece openly and objectively. Pointing out where it presents truth and error from a Christian worldview. This exercise is solely to help develop discernment and to show the often erroneous view the secular world has of Christianity as well as where they unintentionally get it right. It is important to note that we believe pure truth can only be found in Gods word.

This channel is a unique outreach ministry that seeks to engage the culture through the arts. Like Paul in Acts 17:16-33, we seek to use what the culture is familiar with in order to point them to Christ. We create “reaction videos” to both secular and Christian music, ranging from Heavy metal to Rap. We take the time to listen to the requested songs with our audience and then offer a biblical response to the lyrics and/or video. We feel as it is important to take the time to understand what our viewers are listening to. This allows us to get a glimpse into their basic worldview and helps to begin a real discussion. This what I believe was Paul’s purpose when he memorized and quoted from two different secular poets in Acts 17. Like him, we go to the culture and hope to have a real conversation with them about Jesus.